Why it is Important to Drink Water After a Massage

Why Drink Water Following a MassageIf you have ever received a massage from Body Kneads Massage, the chances are you were instructed to drink plenty of water following the treatment. Apart from the fact that drinking water is genuinely good for you, you might be wondering why, specifically, you should drink water after a massage.

Massage dehydrates you

That’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s exactly what a good massage should do. The effect of massage on muscles is that fluid containing water and electrolytes moves out of the muscles and into your bloodstream and thence to your kidneys. That’s why a lot of people feel the need to pass water after a massage session.

Re-hydrating your muscles by drinking plenty of water after a massage will reduce or eliminate any pain or stiffness following a massage. Massage has similar effects on the muscles to those experienced after exercise and nobody would argue the fact that you need to re-hydrate after a workout.

Flush out the toxins

Metabolic by-products and toxins will be flushed from your system in this way and that it’s important to replace the lost fluids by drinking plenty of water.

Tight muscles inhibit the circulation of blood and lymph and that’s why your tissues haven’t been getting rid of waste properly. When the muscles are loosened up, your body is naturally able to get rid of the waste products and your kidneys will need extra water in order to effectively flush out the build-up.

Although some critics are sceptical about this theory, we all know that muscle tissues produce waste during metabolic processes and that massage improves the circulation of blood and lymph. For this reason alone, the argument that your body is coping with the excretion of an increased volume of nitrogenous metabolic waste seems logical.

Get grounded

A lot of people find that they experience slight disorientation and feel a bit ‘spaced out’ after a good massage. Drinking water will help to ease this feeling of unreality so that you don’t float about vaguely for hours afterwards.

Improve your overall well-being and health

It stands to reason that your muscles will only function properly when they are properly hydrated and the fact is, many people don’t drink enough water for optimal muscle function. You probably went for a massage because your muscles are knotted and uncomfortable in the first place and the massage is certainly going to help, but you’ll optimise the benefits of the massage by making sure you drink water after your massage.