Sports Massage Gold Coast

On the Gold Coast sports massage is extremely popular and Body Kneads Massage are the Coasts massage specialists.

From our annual Gold Coast marathon to our many professional sporting teams, massage has an important role in every form exercise. Too many people accept pain as an unavoidable consequence of exercise and that needn’t be the case. Sport specific massage can help to alleviate exercise-induced aches and pain. This can help to prevent future serious injury and can reduce pain and the consequences of injury when a trauma does occur.

This type of massage helps athletes and non-athletes alike. Whether you’re a pro team player or an avid hiker, massage plays an important role in preparing your body to absorb the vibrations of physical activity. You don’t have to get used to the aches and pains or the additional symptoms of living your life to the fullest. With these massages, you can expect to experience:

Benefits of a Sports Massage:

  • Increased endurance
  • Fatigue control
  • Overall improvement of wellness
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Productive training, more effective workouts
  • Better performance
  • Fewer injuries

Getting a massage on the Gold Coast is as easy as giving Body Kneads Massage a call. We can help reassure you that you can optimize your body’s performance to function at its best by being well rubbed-down and stress free. Below are some common questions that can allay any concerns you may have about receiving a massage today.

Sports Massage Gold Coast

Q. Why would I need a sports massaging?

A. These massages are now considered an integral part of any athletic regimen. This can include professional sports players to weekend joggers. Prevention of injury and the relieving of aches and pains is all beneficial and precursory to improving flexibility, promoting better performance, and boosting biological processes that all help to keep your body in the best shape to keep up with your daily demands in life.

Q. What is the difference between a sports therapist and a regular therapist?

A. Experts in the sporting massage world specialize in being able to target muscle-tendon junctions. Getting the excellent benefits of a this kind of massage is only as good as the therapist behind the techniques.

Q. How often do I need a one?

A. The type of activity and intensity involved is different for everyone. You can be seen every week or two to maximize the benefits of a sport massage. Studies show that even a 30 second massage can help to improve hip-flexor range of movement.

Q. Is there a preferred time to get a sports massaging?

A. These can be given at any time. However, it’s commonly used to enhance pre-event preparation and is also given post-workout to reduce recovery time after an event. You may even want to incorporate a sports type massage during an event to help maximize performance and reduce fatigue and prevalence of injury.

Q. Where on my body would I need to receive treatment?

A. This depends on what type of activity you participate in, and what part of your body suffers the most stress from that activity. Typically, body parts that require repetitive and perhaps aggressive movement will be focused on since it’s the parts of your body that are over-used and stressed.

Don’t wait till you do experience an injury to get the healing powers of a sports massaging. Instead use massage as part of your workout regime to enhance your results and improve performance. Your body, your coach, and your ego will thank you. Contact us today to get your massage started.