Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast – Can You Get a Massage When Pregnant?

“Can I Get a Massage When Pregnant?”

Can I Get a Massage When Pregnant

This is a question that we are often asked at Body Kneads Massage and for most women, the answer is Yes. In fact, pregnancy massages are excellent ways for an expectant mother to gain some relief throughout her pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of not only very demanding physical changes, but also hormonal, emotional, and spiritual changes too. On top of the fact that a woman is supporting the physical growth of a completely new human being, the above effects can cause an array of discomfort and stress for an expecting mother.

Getting massages while pregnant can provide many positive and helpful benefits that can make pregnancy a little bit more easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Benefits of Prenatal Massages

Prenatal massages not only feels great, it also does wonders for your body that you’re not always aware of. Your body responds with improved lymph and blood circulation that provides a gentle workout for your heart and corresponding biological processes involved. It helps to give you that relaxed, euphoric feeling of being physically free of stress and tension. You can also expect…

  • Reduced swelling in your hands and feet
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  • Reduced sciatic pain
  • Loosens up tight muscles that cause discomfort
  • Improves all-over body oxygenation
  • Induces relaxation
  • Can decrease insomnia symptoms
  • Can help increase flexibility
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • The above circulation improves toxin elimination from the body
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Supports the immune system

Need more convincing? Below are some common questions and concerns that many expectant mothers have about prenatal massages. Being well-informed can help you get some stress relief and relaxation that you very much deserve.

Q. Are prenatal massages safe for me and my baby?
A. Yes. They’re not only considered safe and effective for most expectant mothers to receive, they’re also extremely beneficial to help you get through pregnancy with less discomfort and more enjoyment.

Q. Can I use any massage therapist?
A. Finding a therapist that is knowledgeable about a pregnant woman’s anatomy and what is appropriate to incorporate during a massage is the key to a safe and effective massage. Because there are acupressure points that can actually stimulate labor contractions, it’s best to find someone that either specialises or ‘knows their stuff’ in prenatal massages.

Q. Are there any negative side-effects?
A. There are many positive effects of getting a massage while pregnant. Negative side effects can occur if improper and inappropriate techniques and stimulation is applied. Inducing early labor can be one. After 38 weeks and with approval from your prenatal caregiver, some acupressure points can be appropriately stimulated to help you induce labor.

Q. Do you use a special massage table?
A. In our practice, pillows are preferred over the massage tables with an open hole for your baby bump because getting the right support for your body is difficult to achieve with these tables. Even if your baby bump is supported correctly, you risk being squished and your spine is unaligned for a safe and effective massage. Instead we use a pregnancy pillow.

These kinds of pillows have an indent in the middle to support the baby bump enabling you to lie on your front. This nestles the bump comfortably while allowing deep blood vessels to be free of the pressure and added weight a growing baby can apply on the back, lower back, and buttocks. There are no dangerous risks to yourself and especially to your growing baby in using the pillows. Instead, you’ll be able to get some relief from pressure by being able to lie on your front comfortably to enjoy the most of your prenatal massage.

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Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast: You will be comfortable with our Pregnancy Pillow to support your bump!

Q. What kind of positions will I be in during the massage?
A. Using the special pregnancy pillows enables you to receive a comfortable massage on your front. If required, we can also support you with an abundance of pillows while on your side in order to align and support the spine to massage your back.

Q. Can I get a foot massage too?
A. These are generally safe during pregnancy to receive, and are great ways to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and provide comfort in the feet and legs. Again, there are acupressure points in the feet and areas that need to be avoided during pregnancy to prevent any negative side effects. Ensuring you use a qualified therapist educated in safe pregnancy massage will mean you receive a safe and enjoyable massage.

Q. If I have some complications, can I still get a massage?
A. It’s always strongly encouraged that you first seek the approval of your prenatal caregiver. Some of the conditions that may affect you that should be discussed first are:

  • multiple pregnancy
  • pre-eclampsia
  • threatened miscarriage, vaginal bleeding and spotting
  • placental disruption
  • kidney and bladder disease

More questions and concerns?

The above benefits are enough to make every expectant mother jump right on the massage table. However, a safe and effective prenatal massage is only as good as the therapist behind the magic. Therapists that know what techniques and areas to use and avoid on a pregnant woman, what positions are best, and what level of stimulation is appropriate is a therapist worth keeping. And alongside finding someone endowed with this knowledge is the importance of using the right equipment to provide maximum support and comfort during the massage. Every woman and every pregnancy is unique. Because of this fact, it’s always highly encouraged that you seek the advice of your midwife or obstetrician before undergoing any physical massages. If you have any concerns, explain them to your prenatal caregiver and massage therapist. The safety of you and your baby always comes first.

Many nervous and expectant mothers consider getting a massage while pregnant. You might find that once you let yourself indulge in one, you’ll never go without them during another pregnancy again. Lie down, relax, and enjoy! Contact Body Kneads Massage Gold Coast today to arrange your pregnancy massage on the Gold Coast. Call 0434 124 556.