Five Chair Exercises at Work

Sometimes, we can get so caught up at work that we forget to get up and do some exercise. It can be as simple as just getting up and taking a walk to your photocopier, going to the toilet or heading out to get a cup of coffee – any of these are a great way to get some blood flow happening. However, you need to do this at least every 1-2 hours and sometimes, you just can’t leave the office! These five chair exercises are great for a quick pick up and will get the blood pumping to the areas of your body that need it!

  1. Chair SquatsChair Squats at work
  2. Chair Dips
  3. Chair Lunges
  4. Chair Pushups
  5. Chair Crunches

These exercises will target the lower, upper and core areas of your body. Be sure to hold your tummy in while you are doing all of these exercises so that you properly support your lower back. Make sure you do them slowly if you have never done them before so you can ensure you get the right form.

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